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The Ultimate Custom Promotional Product for Tradeshows and Special Events!

An introduction to the uniqueness of hand sculpted Logo Rugs and Carpets.

By Russell Webb

It's really all about reflecting an image of quality and class. The response from visitors is predictable too, "WOW!" I've never seen a product like this, how did you do that? It looks like a 3 dimensional sculpture? Is this machine made? YOU made this by hand?

These custom logo rugs are not your average promotional product. They POP because we make them POP! Our craftsmen are trained to capture the highest quality impression of your company Logo. The process is unique and extraordinary. Over a dozen careful steps are taken to create your custom logo carpet. The finishing touches are created by the master strokes of experienced craftsmen.

By adding this unique impression of your company logo, you are sending a subtle message of class and dignity. How many custom promotional products can make this claim? Very few indeed! The steps involved are closely guarded trade secrets, yet the results are wide open for all of your visitors to see.

Event planners, and tradeshow marketers are including this product into their mix with positive results. It creates a sense of pride in the exhibitor and elevates the exhibit to higher ground. The applications are unlimited because it's all custom. It also gets noticed!

-The Company Logo can be inset into the center of the exhibit in any size or shape.
-Borders can be added to accent the exhibit floor covering and adds additional color.
-Imagine the ultimate banner made from a tapestry-like medium of carpet in any style or thickness.

-Perfect for special promotional events.

It's exciting to see the reactions of your visitor and certainly leaves a favorable impression. As you explore your custom promotional options you'll see that dollar for dollar, this is an exceptional buy. The custom logo rug concept is a unique way to capture the attention of your prospective buyers and make a favorable first impression.

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