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Custom Logo Mats – The Insiders Guide

As most business owners will agree, logo mats create another opportunity to market their unique brand-name. The mat industry has heeded the call by addressing every possible need.

The challenge for most consumers is having the time to research these various options. Let’s shed some light on the subject to see if we can save you a few moments of your precious time. I’ll start with the high-end products and wrap it up with the lower budget items (rated most $$$ to least $).

A quick note here: We concentrate on the higher quality logo carpets, and some indoor/outdoor mats (carpet only). You'll need to continue your search online if you are looking for lower budget mats.

Plush Logo Carpets – The elegance of a thick plush carpet with a logo inset can really make a statement. Materials range from shorter commercial grade 36 oz carpet on up to the heavier residential grade 60 oz carpet. Sometimes the logo details can be hand-carved to create a 3D effect. Ideal for Corporate lobbies, Tradeshows, and Special events. $$$

Indoor / Outdoor Mats – These medium to heavy duty mats have a wide range of uses. These mats are made from a more substantial Nitril Rubber or Polypropylene / plastic. They are machine made and may also feature an anti-fatigue closed cell construction that is perfect for warehouse facilities and other industrial applications. Ideal for heavy traffic areas. $$

Digitally Printed Carpet – now it’s possible to capture photo quality images and have a digital print applied - inkjet fashion - on to a short looped commercial grade carpet and some cut pile carpets. Still in its infancy stages, this technology promises to lead the way into some fascinating directions. This product is good for short term events like tradeshows. Durability is somewhat questionable. $$

Tufted Printed Mats – This is the ubiquitous printed mat that you see in the retail sector, in gas stations, supermarkets, and convenience stores everywhere. These are designed for heavy traffic and overall abuse from the general public. The main purpose is to collect dirt, moisture and grime before entering the building. Ideal for retail locations with lots of traffic and wet weather conditions.

As you can see, there is a broad selection of possibilities to choose from, all with different features and benefits. Our site focuses on the High-end inlay method of Rug Making.


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