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Special note to the Sign Makers out there...

If you own a sign making business and you expect some kind of discount because you're in the sign making business. I ask you to try walking in my shoes for a few minutes - Now if I called you up asking for a discount because I'm in a similar field, even though I've never done business with you, and I'll probably rarely do business with you in the future, what kind of discount would you give me? If you were in my shoes, you would probably think... "Who does this guy think he is"?

Of course I'm open to a fair exchange from one business owner to another and I perfectly understand your predicament, but there's a lot of time and energy and handwork that goes into these rugs. For less expensive printed mats, you might try contacting Richard over at He'll take care of you.

If you should need our type of quality product then I'd prefer that you make an effort to establish a relationship FIRST before asking for any special handouts.

I get quite a few calls from your industry with little to show for the time I've wasted so far.

No hard feelings eh?


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