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Residential grade or commercial grade?
What materials will work best for you?

I'm betting that you didn't even know you had the option! Well, you do. I'm going to share with you the benefits of using both.

The practical appproach for most businesses would be to use the commercial grade carpet for your project. Here's why:

It's likely that you will be needing a product that can endure heavy traffic. Commercial grade carpets have a shorter pile height. This ensures that the carpet will stand up to prolonged use and the constant traffic seen in most office environments.

Recommended for tradeshows and lobbies.

Why would you use residential grade when it's obvious that commercial grade is designed for this purpose?

Using residential grade carpet can make an impressive statement. Imagine a thick plush carpet, usually reserved for the upscale market, with your logo inlaid into the field.

Truth is these residential rugs can handle relatively high traffic. Yes they do cost more, yet the statement is well worth the cost for some buyers. It's definitely an option to consider.

I've made my share of both. There's more labor involved with this approach, including the unique handcarved sculptured look that is a signature of a master rugmaker.

The hand carving is used in all of the rugs we make, it's a difference by degrees as to how much it's used.

I do recommend the res. grade if you plan to hang it on the wall or if you're an upscale business that caters to those who expect more posh environs.

Why would you hang it on the wall?

Well, I can only tell you that in some instances these projects take on a life of their own. The design may be intricate, the colors may be magical, or the finished piece looks too good to be walked on.

If this happens to you... you'll know. And you can't say I didn't warn you!

Cheers to you and good health!

Russell Webb


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