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The Magic of Pantone Color Matching.

Yes, Pantone has made life easier for many of us in the design trade. It's the perfect solution when you're trying to explain that perfect color that you want to paint the walls, or in our case describe the colors of your logo.

A peachy orange color in your eyes may be a reddish color to mine. How do you describe the essence of color to someone 1000 miles away? You can try, you can come close, maybe even get it right!

However, the fool proof approach is for each party to have the 'color match set' with each color numbered for identification. Now the Pantone 312 Blue in my book, is the same in yours.

No mistake about it. I love it! The system works...

In Pantone's own words:

" The PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM is the definitive international reference for selecting, specifying, matching and controlling ink colors. The PANTONE formula guide, a three-guide set consisting of 1,114 solid PANTONE Colors on coated, uncoated and matte stock, shows corresponding printing ink formulas for each color, and the three-book set of solid chips provides coated, uncoated and matte perforated tear-out chips that can be used for quality control."

While this system is especially effective in print and digital media, it also works well in the world of fabrics, carpet and other areas of textile design.

Are you working with a graphic designer? If yes, then it's likely that they have the Pantone library on file, or on screen, and they can certainly specify color values for your logo-rug project.

Now...a quick disclaimer: carpet colors are not as readily available as the millions of colors available on screen, or in print, but it is possible to match up to most colors.

I hope this article has helped...

Cheers to you and good health!

Russell Webb


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