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Logo Insets into Existing Wall to Wall.

Yes. The key here is finding some assistance. Locating an installer doesn't have to be a hassle. Try applying some of these tips before you jump into it.

When we produce your logo we usually make a template, we can ship this template along with your finished rug. The template is useful to the installers, in some instances but not always.

It's useful if the shape is circular, oval or irregular. The installer can mark the outline of the template and make his cuts.

A few factors are involved with this approach and the installer will have to make the final call. For instance, if the carpet is a commercial grade / glue down installation, then he would cut from the top and inset directly into the existing install. This approach is straightforward and most installers are capable.

We always offer suggestions and guidance before we take on an inset project and we'll let you know if you're in too deep...

What about carpet over pad? Sometimes you'll see this in a commercial office environment, but it's rare. It's usually designated for residential use. Call us for more details.

Keep in mind that we can help you with new wall to wall installations. In fact, it's often the best solution when considering insetting into wall to wall. For example the logo can be inset into the main field piece and shipped to you. The installer has a straight and simple drop. Easy.

Tips on locating a good installer:

-Ask your building manager... who do they use? They may even have restrictions in place re: who they allow on site, whether they are insured etc.

-Check out the local yellow pages. Carpet stores usually have a few good crews on staff. They would probably take your job just to keep one of their installation crews busy.

-Floor covering suppliers deal with installers all day long. They have lists of recommended crews. Be cautious and ask a few questions. You only want the best installers available.

You can always call on us when you're in need for more answers.

I hope these tips have helped...

Cheers to you and good health!

Russell Webb


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