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Five unique applications for your Logo rug.

It's interesting hearing about the different applications in which these logo rugs are being used. I'll be sharing the top five requests that we receive on a daily basis.

The Lobby - Of course, this is the most requested for obvious reasons. Generally the lobby size rugs are 4 x 6 and sometimes larger. 4 x 6 is a good size for most double door entrances. Yes some lobbies can be Huge, like the HQ for AARP in Washington DC. They needed a 16' dia rug, as well as a few other sizes to accomodate their needs.

Special Events - in the case of Time Warner they needed a temporary rug for a short term special event, and more recently, Verizon Wireless commissioned a few rugs for Reliant stadium, in Houston,Texas. Their main focus was to reflect their brand name to large crowds, i.e. sporting events, grand openings, weddings, concerts, etc...

Tradeshow Events - this approach elevates your booth a few notches. You can use it over and over if you maintain it properly. There are numerous layout applications to consider as well.

Common Areas - common areas within the business headquarters like the lobby, hallways, cafeterias, elavator entrances. Sometimes a company will order two sets for easy maintanance, so they can quickly and easily swap out the rugs and send them out for cleaning.

Wallhangings - The ultimate banner can be displayed on any wall for eye-level visual impact. The unique tapestry logo rug attracts visitors with its soft plushness and always stays clean!

I hope these tips have helped...

Cheers to you and good health!

Russell Webb


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